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Syracuse's Sportscaster U Hosts Vince Carter, Shaun Livingston And More

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It's that time of the year again when NBA players start to think about the future and young, enterprising Newhouse sports broadcasting majors realize they have none. It's Sportscaster U!

The program is designed to help NBA players prepare for post-playing careers in the broadcast field.

The fourth annual Sportscaster U will begin on Sunday and run through Wednesday.

The list of NBA talent taking part in the program include Vince Carter, Earl Boykins, Matt Carroll, Ryan Hollins, Andre Iguodala, Dahntay Jones and Shaun Livingston.

I'm still trying to confirm but early reports are that Carter has fantastic grades but they're all in easy classes.

Former participants in Sportscaster U include Shaquille O'Neal (who will be putting those learnings to good use now), Eric Snow, Malik Rose and Brevin Knight.

In case you're wondering what something like this runs, try the $5,700 range. Then again, that's basically loose change to most of the guys in this program.