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West Virginia Football Imploding: Bill Stewart Rats Out Dana Holgorsen

Everybody hates an "I told you so." Well get ready to hate me cause I told you so, West Virginia. Here's what I said back in December when Dana Holgorsen was hired as the coach-in-waiting behind lame duck Bill Stewart.

Luck says he's looking the way Wisconsin (Alvarez/Bielema) and Oregon (Belotti/Kelly) transitioned coaches as the way West Virginia will go about it. Naturally, that doesn't make any sense since Alvarez and Belotti were totally on board with leaving at the end of the season whereas Stewart clearly is being forced out.

The coach-in-waiting thing only really works when the current head coach is on board with the idea. Anything else is a disaster waiting to happen.

West Virginia's disaster broke last night.

Multiple high-ranking sources with knowledge of the situation have informed The Smoking Musket that Bill Stewart allegedly served as one source of the contentious Herald-Dispatch report of Dana Holgorsen's purported alcohol-related incidents.

Here's the article in question. As you might remember, it was very heavy on the alleged and not too strong on the confirmations. Guess we know why now.

This one's only gonna get worse as Oliver Luck continues to regret just not firing Bill Stewart when he had the chance. Instead, he openly talked down about his head coach to the media, turned him into a lame duck and basically turned Stewart into a knock-off version of Coach Taylor at Dillon High while Holgorsen's Wade Aikman waits in the wings.

This should be a lot of fun.

One final note. While it wasn't totally wrong, last night's blog report from wasn't exactly right either. And instead of waiting for someone to confirm everything in their report, they decided to let loose with what was the popular telling of the rumor last night. And so the "news" went out, the blog got tons of traffic I'm sure and they got to attach a fancy BREAKING EXCLUSIVE to their post title. Hooray for them! Except that, because they jumped the gun with an eye on pageviews over accuracy, they became just the latest in a long line of blogs to go that route. Congrats?

It wouldn't have been so terrible if not for the fact that the writer basically says, "Well, I think I'm right but if I'm not, oh well." That's just moronic and when you are presenting information as fact (which they did, whether or not they want to say they were purporting rumor), that kind of asinine stance is what gives all bloggers a bad name.

It could have been worse. They could have been totally wrong. At least they were 90% right. But still, that's not a chance anyone should be taking. Leave that nonsense to the poker chatrooms.