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Syracuse Football: How Bold Is This Team?

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There's no doubt that Doug Marrone has been the Syracuse Football Savior we all hoped and dreamed he would be so far. He's reinvigorated the fanbase. He's changed the culture of the team. And most importantly, he's won football games. #PointBlankPeriod

As Doug Marrone The Coach defines his legacy, Doug Marrone The Game Manager is still a work -in-progress. And that includes his ability to make the bold decision from time to time.

At times during his two seasons, the Syracuse offense has lagged, though a lot of that has been due to the talent gap catching up. Late in 2010, the UConn and Boston College games were especially uninspiring on the offensive end. Shades of old Orange offenses that 3-and-outed their ways through games scared the pants off of SU fans.

However, something happened on the way to the Pinstripe Bowl. Whether it was the extended practice time, the familiarity with the players or just a sense of excitement, the team loosened up and got bold. That, along with shady refereeing was a big part in why they won the game.

Will we see a return to Pinstripe Bowl-esque play for the Syracuse offense in 2011? Perhaps. With a veteran quarterback and arguably our best offensive line in years, the offense has every opportunity to let things fly a little more. Don't expect a Marrone team to give up on the fundamentals, but perhaps we'll see just a little more fun as well.