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Ashton Broyld Pleads Guilty To Violation, Moves Forward

And so, BroyldLewdExposureGate comes to an end. Ashton Broyld pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was sentenced to 80 hours of community service and fined $120.

"He’ll have no criminal record, whatsoever," said his attorney, J.B. Afoh-Manin. "We consider it a victory for his future. That’s what we wanted."

"Obviously, he doesn’t like the negative attention, but it comes with the territory," Afoh-Manin said. "But he’s ready to move on. He’s excited to move on. He’s learned a lot from his experience."

I'll say. Broyld now plans to move to Syracuse this weekend, begin summer classes and start getting ready for camp.

Afoh-Manin said Broyld, who plans to move to SU this weekend to begin summer classes and conditioning, is happy to put the incident behind him.

According to reports, Broyld did admit to exposing himself during a Rush-Henrietta basketball game. Moving forward, I'm willing to bet Broyld keeps it in his orange & blue pants as he attempts to overcome this incident and become the SU quarterback of the future.