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Syracuse To Play UConn, Providence & Louisville Twice, Georgetown Only Once

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Even though they alternative the divisions each year, Major League Baseball is smart enough to realize that the Yankees and Mets should always play in Interleague play. They understand from a common sense point of view that there is no reason such an opportunity should be missed in any season. As long as these two teams keep playing, the stadiums will sell out, the No. 1 market in the country will buzz and the games will find a national audience.

It might not be fair to all parties in MLB, but it's just common sense.

Which brings me to the Big East's decision not to have Syracuse and Georgetown play one another twice this upcoming season.

Let me put it in the simplest terms I know. When Syracuse fans and Georgetown fans actually agree that you've made a mistake, then you must have REALLY made a mistake.

It's the first time since 2007 that the two teams won't play twice. It had seemed like the Big East realized the errors of its ways and decided to put these two teams together no matter what from now on. Alas...

The good news for SU is that the Georgetown game is in the Dome. Though, that does suck for DC-area Cuse fans.

Anyway, not much we can do about it now. One thing's for sure, being Syracuse, we don't get an easy slate (if there is such a thing in the Big East). We'll get defending National Champs UConn twice, we'll get pesky Louisville twice and we'll get our old pals Providence twice.

Andy Katz thinks the Big East "did a fair and equitable job in selecting the repeat games." Meh. He also thinks the Orange got one of the toughest draws.

Syracuse has one of the toughest schedules, with four games against Connecticut and Louisville. Cincinnati and Marquette might be next with the teams playing each other twice, and then the Bearcats playing Villanova and St. John’s twice while Marquette has to play Villanova and Georgetown twice. The Hoyas are rebuilding but will still be formidable in league play. Villanova has to play Marquette and Cincinnati twice each.

The league will announce the full schedule, home and aways, this afternoon.

What do you think? Bummed for no 2nd Georgetown game? Excited by the double-up against UConn and L'ville?