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Fab Melo Has His Very Brief Day In Court

After getting delayed twice, Fab Melo finally made his first appearance in City Court's domestic violence court yesterday.

According to Fab's defense lawyer Gary Sommer, Melo is in counseling, though the order of protection preventing him from contacting his girlfriend (ex-girlfriend?) remains in place.

After advising Melo to stay away from the victim and to continue his counseling, Dougherty adjourned the case to Aug. 31.

I'm no lawdog, but I'd imagine Fab's just got to keep his nose clean between now and then and he'll come away from this with some probation-type punishment. Until then, however, the less we hear Fabricio's name, the better.

Here's some video of Fab just before he enters the courtroom. Between this video and the one from his arraignment, I think we can very clear about one thing. Fab Melo likes to tuck all of his shirts in, which might be the second crime he's committed here.