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Scoop Jardine's Summer Camp Tour Continues

Last we heard from Scoop, he was recovering from his missed flight to have a really great time bowling and playing basketball at Chris Paul's camp.

Last week was Deron Williams Skills Academy and Scoop participated in that as well. He recorded some thoughts on the experience over at SU Athletics.

It was different from CP3 camp (Chris Paul's camp) because we played a lot more and there were a lot less drills. Another positive note was that I didn’t miss my flight, and there was no travel hassle. I stayed with Maalik Wayns and Ashton Gibbs, and we had a great time together. Watching the NBA draft only got me hungrier for the future, and I understand it starts with having a great summer, and a great season next year.

Scoop writes that, following DWill's camp, he "found out" that he had been invited to LeBron James' camp on July 5th, which proves he doesn't read this blog because we've known about that since April. And the person who told us? It was Scoop. Weirdo.

Scoop also has USA Select Team tryouts in late July/early August. More blog entries to come from our favorite Philly ballplayer.