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Doug Marrone "100 Percent Certain" About His New Video Coordinator

When Syracuse first announced that it had made three new hires on its staff, I glanced at the article and didn't think much of it.

Brad Kimble will be the assistant athletic trainer for football, Max Miller will be the senior academic coordinator for football and Steve Scarnecchia will be the video coordinator for football.

Fine, fine. Good, good. But then Dave Rahme reminded me of a certain little event in the past that Scarnecchia brings with him.

"He" is also the Steve Scarnecchia who was fired from his job with the Denver Broncos after admitting he taped a San Francisco 49ers walkthrough practice on October 30, 2010, a breach of NFL rules. Head coach Josh McDaniel was fined $50,000 and so were the Broncos, with each party claiming Scarnecchia acted on his own.

You can read more about Steve here and remember that he was also accused of videotaping opponent practices as far back at 2002 when he was with the Patriots (ahem).

So, Doug Marvelo (assumed middle named) Marrone, what say you about your new video coordinator?

"I am 100 percent certain he is the right man for this job," Marrone said Friday.

"Steve knows he made a mistake," Marrone said. "He acknowledged his mistake and faced the consequences. I am convinced that he has learned his lesson. Steve is a Syracuse University graduate, and I am thrilled to have him back at his alma mater."

Graduating from Syracuse absolves you of all sins in the eyes of Douglas MacArthur (assumed middle name) Marrone.

Hey, if Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress can get second chances, so can Steve Scarnecchia. Fair enough. Welcome aboard Steve (and Brad and Max)!