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Rick Jackson Spurns Spurs, Will Head Overseas

Rick Jackson did not hear his named called at the 2011 NBA Draft and spent much of the evening venting his frustrations about the matter on Twitter.

During his ventings, Rick said that he was going to make an NBA team and make everyone else pay for not drafting him. That's apparently a dream deferred as the Daily Orange reports Rick has begun looking overseas for a professional gig this season. That's in spite of one NBA team's interest in seeing him.

After all 30 NBA teams passed on the former Syracuse forward through two rounds of the draft Thursday, the San Antonio Spurs were still interested enough to invite him to a mini-camp tryout on Sunday.

But Jackson will turn that offer down, his father, Rick Jackson Sr., said in a phone interview Friday.

Instead, Rick has decided to play one year overseas before returning to the United States to test the NBA waters again. Jackson Sr. said his son has sent a highlight reel abroad and will make a decision on where to go once the offers start to come in.

As Rick's father notes, the NBA draft is often about "potential" and that was certainly the case this year. Now, Rick has a chance to prove his senior season wasn't just an anomaly. He can watch all of these "potential" players and projects wash out and, hopefully, be there to swoop in and take their spots soon.

Update: Looks like you can narrow it down to Europe...

“I think I’ll be going to Europe,’’ Jackson said. “I think that’s going to happen pretty fast. I’m ready to go play and make some money. As of right now, unless something happens, I’ll be playing in Europe.’’