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The SB Nation NCAA Conference Re-Draft Project: Syracuse Selected In Fifth Round

In case you missed it the first time around, SB Nation's NCAA blogs are currently putting together an SB Nation NCAA Conference Re-Draft. The purpose of which is to explore the values of individual schools by drafting them sequentially, and to have fun strategically building a conference of schools.

I made the case for Syracuse a few weeks back and it looks like the Conference Commissioner over at House of Sparky was listening. They selected the Orange in the fifth round of the draft.

Syracuse joins a yet-unnamed conference that consists of USC, Notre Dame, Oregon and Tennessee. In other words, we're wrecking shop in basketball and we're in deep s**t when it comes to football. Maybe.

If you count ND, Syracuse was the fourth Big East school to be drafted (Notre Dame, Louisville & West Virginia). There are 12 Rounds total, so, expect a few more to be taken here and there.

What does this mean for you? Um...not really sure. I guess it's probably a good sign for the way SU is seen nationally. We're among the top 30 overall schools in the nation when it comes to athletics, at least in this little experiment. Remind UConn, Georgetown, Pitt and especially Rutgers of all this when you see them next.