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Syracuse Football: Get to Know Your Orange Man -- #65 Jarel Lowery

That's Lowery in the middle, doing his best imitation of The Temptations.  via <a href=""></a>
That's Lowery in the middle, doing his best imitation of The Temptations. via

I'm going off the map a shade, boys and girls.

Rather than pussyfooting through another cookie-cutter player profile, I am going to show off my incredible dexterity and purple prose this mother to the point that you actually consider reading Casual Hoya.

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PLAYER: The progeny of Howard Lowery and Carolyn McFadden, his name of Christian heritage is "Jarel DaShawn Lowery" -- footballer of brutish force, brother of tender love, and son of pride and honor.  His birth was not unlike fresh fallen snow: A delight and yet a responsibility.

NUMBER: He wears upon his chest and back numerals bearing the 65th sequence; he is, however, so strong of spirit that his place among men is one.

POSITION: A man's status in life is more than his mere station in vocation.  Lowery plies his trade as an offensive guard, but his impact to the environment in which he exists carries the great weight of protection.  Yes, he must guard, but he also must attack to achieve his stated goals of cleanliness of the quarterback and open vision for the carriers of Syracuse's footballs.

YEAR: Enrolled in the Fall of 2008, Lowery has reached the twilight of his career, holding senior status among his peers and the institution to which he is attached.  His bones feel the ache of four years of contact, and preparation, and hope for the future.  Each moment of soreness is a reminder of battles won and battles lost, with only the belief that endurance of such pain will reap rewards as he looks to receive his gold watch for meritorious service in times of trouble and blight.

HEIGHT: Not quite a mountain, not quite a knoll; Lowery stands with shoulders square a menacing six-foot, three-inches.  He is neither Everest nor Bunker Hill, and yet his frame is that above mere mortal souls.

WEIGHT: In this era -- the era of form above function, substance yielding to the superficial -- a man that holds himself firm in his esteem is a man that does not fear a waistline that would make his tailor blush.  Lowery is such a man, pushing the scale to 301 pounds, approximately 15 percent of a ton. 

HOMETOWN: While all men of democracy should first consider themselves a citizen of these blessed United States of America, one should also take pride in their native corner of this freedom-promised land.  Lowery hails from, and holds dear to his heart, Paterson, New Jersey, a quirky little village that some have curiously labeled "YOUWILLDIEHEREVILLE."

HIGH SCHOOL: There is very few originals in contemporary times; we all follow the path that others have laid before us.  These avenues are worn and comfortable, firm reminders of our past and future.  Lowery, like you and I, is not a trailblazer but rather a fellow traveler.  He arrived at Syracuse via the footsteps of former Paterson Catholic athlete, DeShaun Williams.

Some paths, as it were, are better traveled than others.

2010 STATS: Ernest Hemingway was not judged by the number of fish he caught but by the monumental contributions he made to the American experience.  A man is more than statistical output, see, and Lowery is proof: His one game of participation in 2010 is greater than his overall construct -- a 2008 Fall Athletic Director's Honor Roll honoree and generally amiable fellow.

2011 PROJECTIONS: Like Saint Peter's document at the Pearly Gates, lists often define our achievements as men. Those at the top of the list are given access to eternal glory; those without the list are to be judged eternally in torture; those within the list but not preferred are left in limbo, awaiting their fate at another time.

Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone is the keeper of the playing field, maintaining a list -- a post-spring depth chart-- that provides access to glory.  Lowery currently finds himself buried deep on the charter, outside the gates as a third-string right offensive guard behind Andrew Tiller and Nick Lepak.  His likelihood of visiting Valhalla is somewhat unlikely at the immediate time:

Jarel Lowery (C+) - Lowery's another guy who is here to provide depth, and he had some nice moments at guard. He's definitely improved from last year, and should be able to fill in admirably if we need him this year.

HOW'D HE GET HERE: How does a man get anywhere?  We -- as socially mobile men -- must hold firm to the American Dream: Hard work will reap personal satisfaction and reward.  This belief, however, is tempered by the rule of the gridiron where bludgeoning a foe with one's fists while helmeted ultimately results in a free pass to further opportunity.

That and, of course, dreams are not made at Maryland and Wake Forest: and are reporting that defensive lineman Jarel Lowery (6-2, 292) of Paterson (N.J.) Catholic has made a verbal commitment to sign with Syracuse. Lowery picked the Orange over Maryland and Wake Forest.

WHAT DID SCOUT/RIVALS SAY?: The haunting beauty of judgment is in its swiftness: In a moment, what was uncharacterized is summarily characterized.  In football, judgment is passed not only through definition of play, but also with stopwatches held by men that count repititions.  This approach cannot pass judgment on a man's constitution, but only with respect to his measurables against others.  Heart, unfortunately, is yet a quantifiable metric, at least to modern science.

These men holding stopwatches and counting repetitions assigned not a treatise of judgment but a mere two stars to Jarel Lowery.  These stars do not know of Lowery's past, his triumphs, his failures, but only that out of five stars, he was better than none but not quite a constellation of talent.

WHAT DOES MARRONE THINK?: Doug Marrone is a statute of emotion, held strong in his static state of temperment.  While the Bronx native -- raised on urban streets of a concrete jungle that necessarily required an unwavering state of being -- does maintain outbursts of controlled fury, he stays the course.  And his course is, of course, "nice":

On Jarel Lowery:

"It is going to be interesting during camp to see how he comes along because he has done some nice things."

LINKS OF WONDER: Chit-chat, chit-chat.  It's like a thousand machines humming at a furious pace.  It's the information superhighway, an interstate driven by millions of people every second of every day.  Instead of noise and air pollution, it's information overload, clogging the intertubes and infowebs with the chitter-chatter of Tweeting tweeters on their personal computers and telephones and whatever gadget lets you chit-chat while on the go-go.

Lowery joins in millions of cogs and gears that chit-chat on the go-go, and isn't afraid to share his feelings on the intertubes and infowebs about the state of his hind quarters while laughing:

Watching Jamie Foxx this dude is a fool lmao

KANGAROO BOXING AS FOOTBALL THEORY: Yeah, I'm sick of this nonsense, too.  So, here's a video of a kangaroo punching a woman: