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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man--#66 Andrew Tiller

Andrew Tiller's a big'un, but once upon a time, he was an Even Bigger'Un via <a href=""></a>
Andrew Tiller's a big'un, but once upon a time, he was an Even Bigger'Un via

We're counting down every SU football player, one a day, from Chandler Jones (#99) to Phil Thomas (#1). Keep track of every player profile right here.

Next up on the Orange-Man Orientation: #66 Andrew Tiller

Position: Right offensive guard

Year: Senior

Height: 6'5''

Weight: 338 pounds

Hometown: Brentwood, NY

High School: Central Islip

2010 Stats: Tiller started all 13 games for the 'Cuse last season. The group didn't do too shabby, paving the way for now-Colt DCIII's 1,000 yards on the ground. 

2011 Projections: Tiller's not going anywhere. I'll take a page from Sean's playbook and just defer to Dan's awesome O-line grades:

He's definitely more mobile this year, and should be one of the guys who will be getting NFL looks next April. If Tiller plays to his potential, he can be a dominant lineman this year.

Look for Antwon Bailey to pick up where Delone Carter left up, and look for Tiller to be a huge reason why.

How'd He Get Here: Stick with me here. HCDM is hired. HCDM names John Anselmo as secondary coach because they worked together at Georgia Tech. Anselmo was the head coach at Nassau Community College. Anselmo was the deciding factor in swaying NCC prospect Tiller away from Miami (FL) and Rutgers. 

If Six Degrees of John Anselmo threw you for a loop, the Daily Orange has a little recap here.

Scouts/Rivals Said: Tiller came in as a 3-star JUCO prospect, says Rivals

Money Quote: Here's Tiller talking about getting off the poop food diet, on

"I had to give up all my fried foods," Tiller said. "No barbecue ribs. While everybody was eating everything good at dinnertime I was eating celery, stuff like that . . . vegetables, fruits, like one piece of chicken if any at all – not fried, baked."

Tiller came in from Nassau at 408 pounds and now he's wrecking fools. Let's see you try and block pass rushers, Jared.

Links of Wonder: This contest was some good fun, right guys?

Doug Marrone Thinks: Tiller is a man-child. Great read on from the Post-Standard about how HCDM doesn't give a crap about a player's weight, as long as they're in shape: 

"I have never talked to players about pure weight. It is, this is how much you weigh, this is your body fat; we need to change your body fat."

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Might as well read Dave Rahme's report on a slim and trim Tiller. My favorite line comes at the end, I won't spoil it for you. 

Let Us Get A Good Look Atchya: Can't find much tape out there, but that could be just me. I'll wrap it up with the Pinstripe Bowl video. Keep an eye out for #66. He's not hard to miss and he had himself a helluva game.

Syracuse Pinstripe Bowl Champions 2010 (via orange9016)