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2011 Empire Challenge: Syracuse Represented As NYC Battles Long Island

We already know that Downstate is the better half of New York this season. Now it's time to determine which subsection is the best of all...New York City or Long Island.

The 2011 Empire Challenge kicks off tonight at Hofstra's Shuart Stadium at 7:30pm EST and pits All-Stars from the city against those from the Island.

Last year, Syracuse's Jason Bromley highlighted NYC's 15-10 win by sacking Syracuse QB John Kinder to preserve the victory. The game was also a showcase for the under-recruited Bromley and begs the question...will someone else step up in this year's version and become a sudden Northeast football target?

Just like last year, the game will feature quite a few incoming Orange playing their final pre-college football game. The NYC team features QB Terrel Hunt, WR/DB Brandon Reddish and lineman Ivan Foy. The Long Island team features lineman Ryan Sloan.

One non-SU guy to keep an eye on, Flushing’s Shittu Salami. The defensive lineman has been "virtually unblockable in practice." A lot of folks are already drawing comparisons between him and Bromley. Plus, his last name is Salami.

The NY Post will be live-blogging the game so head on over there if you want to stay updated. They also have a breakdown of the NYC Team and a game preview. You can also check out the Empire Challenge website and it's annoying "hut-hut-hut" sound every time you mouse over anything.