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Incoming Syracuse QB Terrel Hunt Has Something To Prove

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Just another athletic kid who can run really fast but doesn't have an arm.

That was the apparent knock on Syracuse recruit Terrel Hunt. At least, that's what he's hearing and thinking. That Syracuse went after Hunt and wants to bring him in as a quarterback speaks to Doug Marrone's belief in the kid, especially as he enters the program alongside fellow highly-touted QB Ashton "Publicly Lewd" Broyld.

Lest you forget, it was Hunt's team that torched Broyld's in the Upstate/Downstate Classic a few weeks back. Hunt led the way, rushing for 31 yards and a touchdown while also showing off that arm with a 52-yard TD pass to fellow Orange newbie Brandon Reddish.

The NY Post has the skinny on Hunt, who has a lot to prove, knows it and welcomes the opportunity as he prepares for the Empire Challenge, an annual all-star game pitting NYC vs. Long Island.

I'm Mr. Big Shot in my school, but this is it," Hunt said. "When I go to Syracuse I’m just another player on the depth chart. I’ve got to work my way up. I look at this as the way to end my career in high school."

Expect that arm to be on display again in this game. And don't be fooled into thinking Terrel won't bring a complete package with him to Cuse in the Fall.

He can throw it," said Tottenville’s Jim Munson, the NYC offensive coordinator. "He’s made some throws this week that have been pretty good. I think he’ll have a fine career at Syracuse. He’s athletic and he’s deceiving and with a little bit of coaching on the college level, he’ll get much better.