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We've Already Got A Beef Bowl, Now There's A Belk Bowl

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Syracuse fans cheered and celebrated in Yankee Stadium last season after winning the Pinstripe Bowl. It was a joyous occasion for all involved and a fantastic ending to a great season.

Expectations being what they are, a Pinstripe Bowl might not cut it in 2011. The Orange want to keep improving and that means they want to end up in a "better" bowl game when it's all said and done. In theory, that means the BCS National Championship Game or something of that ilk. But, barring that, the Big East offers a few other options.

Orange Bowl

Champ Sports Bowl

Meineke Car Care Bowl

TRICKER! There is no Meineke Car Care Bowl! Not anymore!

It's The Belk Bowl.

If you're like me, your first question is, what in the hell is a Belk and why does it have a bowl game? Sounds like the noise you make when you mistakenly drink spoiled milk and spit it out.

Belk is apparently a Charlotte-based department store company. Their motto? Modern. Southern. Style. And what does that mean exactly?

To us, Southern isn’t a place. It’s an attitude and a state of mind. It’s exceptional service, smiles and more than anything, it’s delivering the modern fashion you desire, and the value you deserve.

I desire modern fashion! I deserve value! This is everything I've ever wanted in a bowl sponsor!

They do have a whole bunch of stores all over the Southeast, including one in Branson, Missouri. Sadly, still no store in Bronson, Missouri.

Anyway, the point is: The Quest For Belk has begun.