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My Very Special 'Professional Blogging Boot Camp' Offer To You

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So, I promise not to inundate you guys with too many posts on the Blogging Course I'm hosting (on Sunday, June 26th between 3pm and 8pm EST...), but I did want to share a couple items.

I know some folks have mentioned they're a little priced out of all the fun and certainly I want to make it possible for everyone who wants to take the course to do so.'s my deal:

If you refer one person to take Professional Blogging Boot Camp, then you can either...

1. Take the class for FREE.

2. Get a $10 referral fee.

You can literally take the class for free so long as your friend/acquaintance/co-worker/mother signs up. And if you want the cold, hard cash, there is no limit to the amount of people you can refer and receive a fee on.

Or if you like, refer six people, take the course for free AND get $50. By all means do that.

Plus, if you're interested but $50 is a little steep for you, just find someone else who's interested, have them sign up and then split the fee 50/50 and you can both take the class for $25. Hooray for everyone!

If you'd like to take advantage of this, just make sure that when your friend signs up, they make a note in the PayPal message that says you referred them to take the class. That way I know to comp you like I'm the pit boss at Caesar's.

I appreciate any and all help the TNIAAM audience can provide. The better the class does, the more free time I have. The more free time I have, the more time I can dedicate to TNIAAM. The more time I can dedicate to TNIAAM, the more Cuse-themed LOLCatz there can be. If that's not win-win, I don't know what is...