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Chad Kelly Picks Clemson Over Syracuse, Others

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It might have been a bit of a longshot to begin with, but thinking that four-star prospect Chad Kelly would choose Syracuse over schools like Clemson, Florida State and Alabama was always a little too good of a story to be true. The nephew of Buffalo Bill legend Jim Kelly, who lives in Upstate New York, choosing to stay "home" and become the next great SU QB.

Eh, not so much. Kelly chose Clemson today. In fact, Kelly has apparently already told Clemson he was choosing them days ago.

Then again, none of this is much of a surprise. Reports were already out that Syracuse wasn't in Kelly's top three, in spite of all the positive things he had to say about SU and its coaching staff. Besides, as the Fizz says, the win may have been the simple fact that Syracuse was even in the running at all.

Good luck to Chad. SU has plenty of solid quarterbacks on the roster and incoming to make fans feel good about the future anyway.