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Syracuse Football Packs A Poncho: Rochester DE Commits To SU


Rochester-area DE Poncho Barnwell gave his verbal commitment to play for the Orange next season on Wednesday. I'll give you two guesses who we beat out for his services...

Barnwell, a defensive end who stands 6-feet-3 and is 218 pounds, said he told Syracuse defensive coordinator Scott Shaffer that he plans to accept Syracuse’s offer of a full scholarship. State University of New York at Buffalo and Akron also offered scholarships to Barnwell.

I sometimes think that, in the Fringe alternate universe, Akron is coming off a Pinstripe Bowl-winning season with Mug Darrone at the helm.

He also apparently had interest from UConn, Rutgers and Duke.

"I was very proud,’’ Barnwell said. "Right away, I accepted."This is close to home. I’ve always heard about Syracuse, seen the team on TV and I think it will be a good place to play.’’

Poncho seems...kinda aware...of us? Is it me or is that  a funny way to put it? He's "seen the team on TV?" That's what you say about the team in California, not the one an hour away. Whatevs.

Barnwell is coming off an injury-plagued junior season in which he played in five games, recording 31 tackles and 7 sacks.