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The Legend Of 53: Syracuse Players Who Wore The Least Popular Number

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We all know the Legend of 44 and if I asked you who wore #3 or #15 for Syracuse, you could probably rattle off a few names quickly.

But, quick, how many #53's can you name?

Yahoo! Sports's The Dagger profiled the proud, the few, the people who wear #53 in college basketball. It's the least popular number around and only seven in all of the sport wear it.

No one on the current Syracuse roster wears the number, with only Fab Melo coming close at #51. But who are the legends who bucked the trends and wore 53 proudly in orange? Turns out, it was actually a pretty common number for SU in the 60's and 70's. It usually ended up on a player who didn't make much of a contribution, though. Save for one or two, at least...

Andre Hawkins ('82 - '85) - Hawkins was a burly center known for his aggressive play on the court, most notably present when he was involved in a famous kerfuffle with Georgetown's Michael Graham. He had a solid junior season, scoring 10.5 PPG and seemed primed for a breakout senior year. Then Rony Seikaly joined the team, and, well, you know how that goes.

Ken Davis ('79 - '81) - A mostly un-notable career, Davis played in 20 games in 3 seasons, scoring 13 points total.

Bob Parker ('75 - '77) - A reserve on the Danforth Final Four team and one Louie & Bouie team.

Tom Stundis ('72 - '74) - Thomas Stundis lettered for the Syracuse Orange all three seasons, averaging 3.6 PPG in his final season.

Gil Guerrero ('70 ' '71) - Scored four points in two season, two per year.

Frank Hamblin ('67 - '69) - Captain of the 1969 team, Hamblin's playing career was limited by illness. However, he became a big deal in pro basketball off the court, working 35+ years in the NBA & ABA. He ended up becoming a head coach twice on an interim basis, first for the Bucks in 1991 and then for the Lakers in 2005.

Rex Trobridge ('64 - '66) - Appeared in 24 games senior year, starting one of them.

Eric Weber ('63) - Played in 8 games, scoring six points.

Bob Felasco ('48 - '49) - A reserve on the SU basketball team, Felasco was inducted into the Syracuse Hall of Fame in 1990, for his contributions as a a referee and high school head basketball coach.

H/T: Rob S., OrangeHoops & Everyone Else Who Tweeted Answers To Me