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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man--#71 Ivan Foy

Here's big boy Foy at the Upstate-Downstate Game from <a href=""></a>
Here's big boy Foy at the Upstate-Downstate Game from

The Orange Man series has almost wrapped up in the 70's. If you find yourself falling behind, office hours are from 2:30 to 2:35 PM on the third Thursday of every other month.

Without further ado, here's #71, Ivan Foy.

Position: He's a defensive tackle, but he played a lot of left guard in high school too.

Year: Freshman! But I doubt anyone driving by the corner of Euclid and Sumner will shout much at Ivan considering he's...

Height: 6'5''

Weight: 290 pounds

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

High School: Fort Hamilton

2010 Stats: The New York Post says Foy had 72 tackles and two sacks as a defensive tackle...but that was at Fort Hamilton. 

2011 Projections: HCDM won't let a freshman play before he's ready. But if Foy prepares and proves himself in practice, why not give him some snaps? Defensive tackle is a thin position after the departure of Bud Tribbey. If Bromley and Boatman--the clear-cut starters--need a breather, Foy should get a snap or two. He has the size, the potential, and last but not least, a cool Russian sounding name (props to Sean for pointing that one out in the recruiting story). We'll be taking nickname suggestions for a Mikhail and Ivan defensive line below.

How'd He Get Here: Ivan was a teammate of Hamilton-wideout-turned-SU-cornerback Brandon Reddish, so the Syracuse connection was easy to make. Foy wasn't heavily recruited--Rutgers was the only other school in the race--so it's looking like we've found another diamond in the rough.

Scouts/Rivals Said: Foy's a three-star guy on Scout, and a two-star guy on Rivals.

Money Quote: "There were many games (during Foy's senior season at Hamilton) where I literallyhad to be carried off the field 'cause I didn't have any more."

What's more badass--that quote or his name?

Links of Wonder: Got that quote straight off a story from Orange Fizz. It's a great read about signing day and it comes with an audio interview, so check it out here.

Doug Marrone Thinks: The cold streak with Marrone quotes continues. 

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Here's a thought: Doug Marrone saw a little of himself in Ivan Foy. Foy's a New York kid just like his future coach. Both played some offensive line, and heck, maybe Doug'll plug Ivan in at guard. Nolan Weidner writes that like Marrone, Foy played a little baseball growing up. And take a look at this face right here. You tell me Foy can't support a 'stache, and I'll send you to this guy.

Let Us Getta Good Look Atchya: There isn't a better Ivan Foy highlight video out there. 

Ivan Foy #72 DT Junior Highlight (via FortHamiltonTigers)