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Rejoice, The King Of Kings League Returns

Your favorite Utica-based summer basketball league is back!

For a few year now, the King of Kings Summer League has given the Orange stars of today and Orange stars of yesteryear a chance to square off. We first took notice in 2008 with Laz Sims, Billy Edelin and DeShaun Wright leading the charge. In '09, Brandon Triche, Scoop Jardine and Mookie Jones made a run. In 2010, tthe league lost its NCAA accreditation and current players were unable to play.

Now it's time for the 2011 version and the league is accredited again. An excited Brandon Triche is a wily veteran of the King of Kings circuit and happy to be back.

"I just like the whole idea," Triche said Tuesday. "It’s competition against guys willing to go at you and test your ability. Any time you can play 5-on-5 with scorekeepers is great."

Prestige Elite has been the team of choice for Orange fans in recent years but it looks like J-D’s Finest might be taking over. It consists of former and current players from Jamesville-DeWitt High School and that includes Triche and current player and Orange recruit Dajuan Coleman.

Former SU guard Josh Wright will play for a team called 99 Problems. No word on any other current or former Orange players participating yet. The league opens today at Utica College and concludes Aug. 21.