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Scoop Jardine Blogs About Chris Paul Camp, Missed Flights, Bowling

Chris Paul has the best summer camp, via <a href=""></a>
Chris Paul has the best summer camp, via

Syracuse Basketball Fan Law 27.J.9 - When Scoop Jardine blogs, all fans are required to read it and bask in the greatness of his prose, which is hot, ooh yea.

This law was enacted after the legendary Scoop Jardine ESPN Blog Saga of 2010-2011. We never thought we'd get the chance to be witnesses to greatness again. Thank the Gods (Battlestar, you guys), SU Athletics is letting Scoop blog about his summer camp experiences. Once again, we are the beneficiaries of his verisimilitude.

We (myself and my teammate Nick Resavy) arrived at the Syracuse airport at 5:15 am, but were too late to check our bags, causing us to miss our flight. It all spiraled out of control after that.

How much more Scoop can you get? None. None more Scoop.

The workouts were competitive and beneficial, and after that we went to the bowling alley for dinner and bowling with CP3. Our lane was Marcus Denmon (Turkey Time), Tony Chennault, Eric Bledsoe, CP3 and me. CP3 killed with a score of 226, but it was a great time nonetheless. (Nick and Triche watched)

If this video doesn't surface within the next 24 hours, I'm cancelling Christmas. And Hannukah.

Nick would like to add that he was featured in the twitpic from the event CP3 posted.

I see The Brandon Reese School Of Photojacking is paying off for Resavy.

I look forward to improving all aspects of my game and leading the Cuse next season. I’m ready to be the full-time leader, and I’m working hard every day to be that leader.

Okay, I have nothing snarky to say about that. Just nice to hear. Go Scoop Go! Next stop, Deron Williams Nike Skills Academy in Chicago from June 23 to June 26.