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Fab Melo Court Case Pushed Back To June 23

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News has been quiet on the Fab Melo front. A little too quiet if you ask me. Was anybody else weirded out a little about how that entire story seemed to drop off the face of the Earth just as it seemed ready to boil over (I know the Fizz noticed)?

Anyway we got our first new bit of info on Fab's court case today. His scheduled appearance today in Syracuse City Court's domestic violence court has been postponed to June 23rd.

As you might remember, Fab is charged with a misdemeanor count of fourth-degree criminal mischief. The lawdogs at Orange44 break that charge down.

I have a feeling we'll be going back into silent mode on this one until the 23rd. Until then we're left to ponder the "volatile relationship" that got Fab into this mess and hope cooler heads prevail and the SU coaches are helping Melo in the many ways he could use it.