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Help A Syracuse Fan Name His Dog: Poll

No, that is not the dog we're voting on (via <a href=""></a>)
No, that is not the dog we're voting on (via

I miss DIAP! needed help coming up with a name for his new female dog and you guys certainly delivered the options.

Now, he's whittled his list down to a Top Ten and it's time to choose the ultimate winner. The name by which he will yell in the middle of the night when his labradoodle chews another plushie Otto the Orange.

(And before you kill him for not choosing certain names, remember this is a female dog and "Kueth will be the name of my first-born son, so that’s out. Duany will be his younger brother. And my buddy AP named his cat “Carmela Anthony” so that’s out too.)

Make your selection below.