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Former Orange Brice Hawkes Reminds Us Why He's Formerly Orange

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When Brice Hawkes left the team at the end of March, he "did not leave the team on his own."

We'd been hearing about Brice's maturity, or lackthereof, for a while, so it didn't come as too much of a surprise.

At least now, Brice has a chance to start over with a new school, a new program and a clean slate.

Or maybe not. Yep, that Brice's mugshot after being arrested on May 26th for loitering (oh come on) and resisting an officer & obstruction (oy ge valt). Not exactly capital crimes, know.

We wish the 19-year-old well. Hopefully, this is the final issue in his recent troubles. He's talented enough for some small Florida college to take a flyer on him. We shall see...