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Introducing The 'Get To Know Your Local Syracuse Watering Hole' Series

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Syracuse University might be nestled in Central New York and so many of its alumni and fans are gathered in the New York area that ESPN refuses to acknowledge anything within a 500 mile radius of Syracuse, NY as anything but a home game for the Orange, but that doesn't mean SU fans aren't scattered across the nation.

I write this to you from Seattle, where dozens of Orange fans gathered in bars to watch SU in the NCAA Tournament. Before that I lived in LA where I witnessed Syracuse's huge win over Villanova in the Dome two years ago surrounded by hundreds of orange-clad SU fans in a Hollywood bar.

Every day I come into contact with Orange fans in Washington, D.C, Charlotte, San Francisco, New Orleans, Dallas, Tampa, Cleveland, Albuquerque and many other locales. And all of them need places to gather with other SU fans when they want to watch Orange defeat Rutgers in something, like we usually do.

I've been keeping tabs on the many SU bars around the nation for a while now with the Where Are We Watching series. I've seen a lot of bars come and go, join the list once only to disappear, while many others have become mainstays the entire time.

It's time to get to know these bars beyond local boundaries and find out:

  • What makes this bar a legit SU bar?
  • How did this bar became an SU bar?
  • Which SU bar around the nation is the very best SU bar by which all other SU bars must be measured?

Obviously, I can't make these calls. I only know the bars I frequent in my town. So, I'm asking you to help out.

If there's bar on our list (or not on our list) that is a safe haven for Orange fans and you want to personally explain what makes it the go-to place for Syracuse fans in that area, let me know in the comments below. We'll assign one person to do a write-up of each bar and then share it with everyone, thereby locking in their spot as The Official Syracuse Bar of TOWN/CITY.

What are we looking for?

  • DECOR (Are there Syracuse banners up? Flags? Dedicated Syracuse areas?)
  • CONNECTION (Is the owner an SU grad? The bartender? How did it become the SU bar in this town?)
  • SPECIALTIES (What is the bar known for? Special beers on tap/food on the menu?)
  • GAMEWATCING EXPERIENCE (Do SU games get priority placement on TV? Do they get sound over other games?)
  • DEALS (Special deals for Orange fans who come to watch the games? Special deals in general?)
  • EXPERIENCES (Share your favorite experiences watching SU games in the bar, share others' experiences, as well.)

Of course, add anything else you'd like to add. Go ahead and start claiming your bars in the comments below. If you want to make contact with the bar to get some inside info, all the better. And of course, photos are key, especially if they include SU-related items and/or fans.

Yes, Syracuse-area bars are open for inclusion, as well. No reason not to include them. And there's nothing that says a chain bar can't be included, as well. If Buffalo Wild Wings does the good work in your area, that's fair enough. And if you're outside of the U.S. and want to include a bar, that's very welcome, as well.

I'm going to go ahead and take D.C.'s Sign of the Whale off the board as I'm pretty sure that one's spoken for. Otherwise, fair game. Make your selections below. At some point in the future we'll call out the 4-5 best bars around the nation and put them to a vote for the The Best Local Syracuse Fan Bar In The World.