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Seriously, Syracuse Football Refuses To Play Before Dusk In 2011

So here's what we knew going into today.

Syracuse would play at least three games in primetime in the 2011 NCAA college football season - West Virginia, South Florida and Tulane.

Today we learned the season-opener against Wake Forest was going to be a primetime Thursday event as well.

Now comes news that the USC game will be played at nighttime, too. Well, at least on the East Coast.

The Sept. 17 [USC] home game against Syracuse will begin at 6:30 p.m. ET live on FSN or 8 p.m. ET live on FX. That time will be finalized later this month.

By my count, that's five nationally-televised games for the Orange. WVU on ESPN/ESPN2, USF on ESPN2, Pitt on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2, Wake Forest on ESPN3 and USC on FSN or FX (has the movies, the movies...). How quickly things change around here.

We assumed that game would be later in the day but its good to get confirmation. For those heading to LA for the game, they get the morning to tool around SoCal and take in all the overhyped sights.