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Empower New York State High School Football Classic Week Is Here

Brandon Reddish, via <a href=""></a>
Brandon Reddish, via

Call it the Upstate/Downstate Game. Call it the Empower New York State High School Football Classic. Call itwhatever you want. All I know is, football happens in the Carrier Dome this weekend and whole bunch of incoming Syracuse players will be there.

At least ten players on the rosters for this game will attend Syracuse this upcoming year, and all but one of those guys will play football (one will play lax).  As a reminder, they are:

Upstate Roster

Ashton Broyld, QB, Rush-Henrietta

Mike Messina, RB, Aquinas Institute (Lax)

Jon Fisher, K, Oakfield-Alabama

Jesse Wolf-Gould, OL, Oneonta

Chris Swanson, DL, Rush-Henrietta

Downstate Roster

Terrel Hunt, QB, Christ the King

Brandon Reddish, RB/WR, Fort Hamilton

Ivan Foy, OL, Fort Hamilton

Tyree Smallwood, RB, Cornwall

Ryan Sloan, DL, Bellport High

Kickoff is Sunday at 2 p.m. in the Dome, but before they play the game, they're going to have to get some practice in. And that starts tonight. Between this evening and Saturday, each team will get multiple days of practice to work out their gameplans and strategies.

I haven't seen it officially noted anywhere, but last year's game was broadcast live locally on Time Warner Cable 13, so chances are it'll be there again.