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If The Tewaaraton Trophy Was Around Back Then, Jim Brown Would Have Won Nine Of Them

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This 2011 Tewaaraton Awards will take place at the Warner Theatre on Thursday, June 2nd. Syracuse has two finalists for the men's side, goalie John Galloway and defensive middie Joel White. Smart money says neither of them will win the award (Virginia's Steele Stanwick & Cornell's Rob Parnell have to be considered the favorites).

However at least one Syracuse player will walk out of there with a trophy in hand. One that's just a wee bit overdue.

Jim Brown will be awarded with the inaugural Tewaaraton Legend award, honoring "one recipient each year who played collegiately prior to 2001 when the first Tewaaraton Award was presented, whose performance during their college years would have earned them a Tewaaraton Award had the award existed when they played."

"We felt it was important to recognize the legends from the past that helped shape our sport. We will go back to the Native American era as well as the recent modern era to learn their stories and recognize them as Tewaaraton Legends" said Jeff Harvey, Chairman of the Tewaaraton Committee at the University Club of Washington DC "Jim Brown was an extraordinary lacrosse player that helped define the modern game."

Great move by the Tewaaraton folks and it should be cool to hear what Brown has to say at the ceremony. Technically that would make Brown the third SU player to win a Tewaaraton Award. Mike Powell won it twice and Mike Leveille picked up one as well.

For more on the this year's nominees, check out Dave Rahme's write-up.