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Beckett Wales: What Arbitrary English Nobility Title Should He Receive?

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We know tight end Beckett Wales will be returning to the Syracuse football team this fall to take his rightful place in the depth chart. The only thing we don't seem to know is...what should his exact nickname be?

When your name is Beckett Wales, there's an obvious direction we want to go. English nobility. It's choosing the specific title that can be tricky. So let's be diligent about this.

Prince Beckett of Wales

Pros: Prince is pretty high on the scale of English nobility ranks. King is out of the question unless he starts catching nine touchdowns a game. Prince, however, is approachable. It also implies a succession plan, that one day he will rule with a mighty tight end fist.

Cons: We kinda already have a Prince. I don't want to confuse anyone.

Earl Beckett of Wales

Pros: His girlfriend can call herself the Countess, which sounds fun.

Cons: Kinda sounds like his name is Earl. Plus, Earl just sounds weak.

Baron Beckett of Wales

Pros: There's something menacing about a Baron. I always imagine a large man wearing a black cape, holding gloves and one of those long, black canes.

Cons: The double-B effect isn't great. Would be cooler if we were talking about a Baroness.

Duke Beckett of Wales

Pros: Comes from the Latin word to mean Leader. Dukes in the United Kingdom are addressed as "Your Grace" and we would ask the same.

Cons: I don't like to associate with 'Duke' as much as possible.

Lord Beckett of Wales

Pros: Lord just sounds imposing. When you meet a Lord, you probably curtsy without even thinking about it.

Cons: Not an official rank, more of an unofficial way to refer to a Baron.

Sir Beckett of Wales

Pros: Classy. It's the way you address a knight, which kinda puts Beckett on the ground level, a champion of the people.

Cons: It's the way you address a knight. Not exactly high royalty. Plus, we kinda have a Sir already.