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Everyone Hates Playing For Georgetown & UConn

Any time I can re-use this photo, good things are happening.
Any time I can re-use this photo, good things are happening.

It's not rocket science. Georgetown and UConn are godforsaken cesspools of disease and rot that force their student-athletes to make Faustian bargains that end with their arrests in laptop thievery, or worse. I think everyone is pretty clear on all of that.

Both universities sit on a fault line known as The Devil's Backbone which is said to run directly into a space deep within the Earth's core that is rumored to be the spot where Hell exists. Any idiot could tell you that.

So, let it not be any surprise at all to learn that many basketball players who committed themselves to UConn and Georgetown no longer want to be a part of such inhuman conditions.

Every year it seems at least one highly-touted recruit leaves UConn (once they realize they've been duped and their souls have been converted into lifeforce energy that sustains Jim Calhoun). It's Jamal Coombs-McDaniel's turn.

Just two weeks after being arrested on a marijuana possession charge, Jamal Coombs-McDaniel will be transferring to another school, the university announced Thursday, with more playing time the impetus cited.

Read between the lines, people. Coombs-McDaniel wants more playing time, but he's not talking about the kind you perform on the court. He's talking about more playing time in the game of life. He wants to unburden his Earthly essence and live out his days in peace, much like Richard Alpert on Lost, 'cept without all that guyliner.

Over at Georgetown, things are so dismal that not one but two players are shuffling loose their Hoya coil. Sophomore forward Jerrelle Benimon announced he will transfer to another school just weeks after sophomore Vee Sanford did the same thing.

We wish the trio well as they seek out the true nature of self and, finally, find inner peace.