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Floyd Little Takes On Big Role For Syracuse Athletics

Remember last year when it seemed like anytime there was an important event going on, Syracuse trotted out Floyd Little? Not that we were complaining, we love Floyd. It just must've been a pain with all that travel and whatnot. SU solved all that by just going ahead and hiring Little as special assistant to the athletics director.

He will be responsible for development and donor relations, assisting with student-athlete and team development and prospective student-athlete on-campus recruitment activities. In addition, he will handle special projects as assigned by the director of athletics as he will serve in many capacities for the athletics department.

Great news, great move by DOC Gross and great that Floyd wanted the opportunity. Naturally, DOC Gross is kvelling...

"To have Floyd come back to Syracuse is like our own royalty returning to give back to his alma mater, which he has readily done over many years of gracious engagement," said SU Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross. "We all have been so proud of everything he has accomplished and represents. I am especially thrilled for the athletics department, the institution and the community, as Floyd will continue to make a huge impact in life. We look forward to being around his enthusiasm, inspiration and brilliance as we embrace his leadership. He will truly be a global ambassador for our great institution."

The best part of all this, to many Orange fans? Little is all for bringing back #44.

What's great about Floyd Little is that not only that he's a iconic Syracuse football player and a tremendous ambassador, but that he's a link to the great #44 history. There isn't another great #44 out there after him and, unfortunately, there won't ever be given the current situation. Hopefully, one of the things he does with this position is change that.

Finally, great to learn Floyd has his own version of GTL. His version is GPS:

I talk about ‘GPS,’ which is grace, passion and skill. My grace from God is to give so much in teaching. I think that I am a great teacher and I have a lot to give. I have so much passion for young people and want to do all I can to help them.

Floyd "The Citrusiation" Little