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IST 400: Blogging for Information Professionals - What Should The Twitter Hashtag Be?

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I just finished writing my syllabus for IST 400: Blogging for Information Professionals. The entire time I was writing it and straining over it and fretting about it, in the back of my mind I kept hearing a voice that said, "Hey, remember when you used to get these, skim them, write down the book you needed and then never look at them again 'cause you were an idiot?" And yet, here I am.

I had to make a lot of important decisions about the class. How it was going to be structured. What lessons would be critical and what could be skimmed over or left out completely. How many tweed jackets will I wear, will I bring a Sherlock Holmes pipe and what will I put in it? (I went with watermelon Big League Chew).

Now, I'm left with only one decision. For the Social Media class I've guest lectured in, the class was constantly interacting with one another and spreading info via Twitter with the hashtag #rotoloclass.

And if they get a hashtag, I WANT A HASHTAG! The only question is, what should it be?

I've seen a few options bandied about online but I think we need to go to the experts on this one. Check out the options in the poll below and cast your vote. Then sit back, relax, follow the hashtag and find out just how boring and nonsensical my class really is (Kidding! I hope!).