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TNIAAM Festival Of Fun 2011 - Who's In?

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As you may already know, I'm coming back to 'Cuse in a couple weeks. Most of my time will be spent turning today's integrity-lacking guys in their underwear, living in their parent's basement into tomorrow's integrity-lacking guys, in their underwear, living in their parent's basement who BLOG!

The class is going to be what I'm spending almost all my time (9am to 5pm, that is a LOT of time...why didn't anyone tell me I was going to have to yap for that long?). How long can I talk about the process that goes into creating LOLcatz? We're about to find out.

I was thinking, though, that Friday night might be perfect timing for a little shindig between TNIAAMers/TNIAAMites/TNIAAMians.

My initial though is to head over to Faegan's and take over the VIP room, where we'll spend the evening downing pints of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and regaling each other with tales of yesteryear. But before we nail down specifics, I figured I'd check...

Who's around? Who's interested? Who knows a guy who knows a guy who could hook us up with free Cherry Wheat?

Consider this an informal poll and once we get an idea, we'll make some plans.