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The Cuse Awards Winners: Marrone, Long, Krautman, Galloway & More

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The 5th Annual 'Cuse Awards (a.k.a. The Syracuse Dundies) were last night. The votes have been cast, the montages have been cut, Iasia Hemingway put on her finest hat, Chandler Jones put on his finest Pinstripe Bowl ring and we're ready to find out who the winners are.

First, you can go watch the celebration over at SU Athletics's website for free. Make sure you peruse the photo gallery, as well to check out that hat. It's not messing around.

The Award Winners

Team of the Year Men's Cross Country

Female Athlete of the Year Women’s field hockey's Martina Loncarica

Male Athlete of the Year Men’s lacrosse goalie John Galloway

Coach of the Year Doug Marrone

2011 Soladay Award Tennis' Simone Kalhorn and rowing's Daniel Berry

2011 Ernie Davis Courage Award Rob Long

Female Rookie of the Year Field hockey's Laura Hahnefeldt

Male Rookie of the Year Ross "Das Boot" Krautman

Most Improved Team Football Team

Performance of the Year Women’s basketball's Erica Morrow

Shot of the Year C.J. Fair’s jaw-dropping dunk against Cornell

Defensive Play of the Year Anthony Perkins' and Shamarko Thomas' West Virginia sack.

Game of the Year The Pinstripe Bowl

Unsung Hero Women’s lacrosse's Lindsay Rogers

Grade Point Average Award Volleyball

There were also awards given to player on the team "who, in the opinion of his or her teammates, best represents a major contributor to the team, provides effective leadership, exhibits good sportsmanship, demonstrates commitment to academics, understands the importance of community service and demonstrates school spirit."

Rick Jackson got it for SU Basketball, John Galloway took it home for SU Lacrosse and Antwon Bailey was, interestingly, the winner for the Football team.

One final note...

Did DOCTOR Gross get introduced as "The Grand Master of the Orange Kingdom"? Why yes, yes he did. Please commence referring to him as such at all times.