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No, Mike Hopkins Is Not Interested In The Penn State Job

Mike Hopkins and Urban Meyer have something in common. Whenever a head coaching position opens up in their respective sport, you can basically guarantee that their name will appear on the short-list.

To be fair, Hopkins usually shows up only when its a head coaching gig East of the Mississippi River. Like the Charlotte job last year. Or the NC State vacancy a few months ago. It's part of the deal when you've got a resume like Hop does and you're already anointed the successor to one of the best coaches in the history of the sport.

So, it's not too shocking to hear that some folks threw Mike Hopkins' name out there for the Penn State vacancy this weekend. I didn't think it was a big deal since it sounded more like people were just making lists in their head rather than reporting on actual interest.

And that's exactly what it was, as Mike Waters confirmed with Coach Hop today.

Reached today by phone, Hopkins said he was not involved in the Penn State search and had not been contacted by Penn State officials.

I mean, it's the Penn State gig. There's a few jobs out there that might make Mike Hopkins think about leaving before his time...but that ain't it.