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The Father's Day Gift Guide For Syracuse Fans

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Your Dad is good people. He taught you how to throw a baseball. He threw you across the pool like you were a ragdoll. He showed you how to tie a tie and row a boat and the right way to use a scroll saw.

And that's just what he taught you last week. /rimshot

So he probably deserves a little something for his time and effort, you know? With Father's Day coming up June 19th, now's the time to order that perfect gift for your pops. And if I'm correct in assuming your Dad is a ginormous Syracuse fan, then there's nothing he would appreciate more than a Syracuse-themed gift that says, "I love you but I hate Georgetown."

Depending on where your Dad's interests lie, here's some handy tips for making the best gift selection (and if you don't see something you like below, just had over here and start searching).

If Your Dad Loves To Tailgate

There's no shortage of Cuse flags for hanging on the car, tent and otherwise. Here's a 3x5 one, an applique banner flag, a 28 inch by 40 inch one, a two-sided car flag and a garden flag, just to name a few. For the serious tailgater, there's a whole bunch of Cuse-related items worth getting. A tailgate toss (cornhole?) board, football toss set or a tailgate table for the Dad who likes to play some games during the tailgate. A Syracuse Pitcher & Glass set or a stainless steel tub to make sure beverages are taken care of. An Orange snack helmet for chips and dips. A Cuse-themed cheese set for, uh, cheese. A Syracuse fold-out chair for relaxing or relaxin'. An Orange-themed BBQ tool set for grilling, a Syracuse grilling plank to grill with and a Syracuse charcoal grill to do the actual cooking on.

If Your Dad Need Some New Cuse Gear

If you want to get him a new Cuse shirt, you should probably be heading over to Manny's to get him a Borkowski special, like the Orange-Out shirt. If you want a jersey, of course, you can do that too. You can't go wrong with a basketball jersey or a football jersey. Dad doesn't want to be the guy wearing a game jersey to the Dome? Maybe some basketball shorts would be better. Or there's always a good, old-fashioned orange t-shirt. And every dad needs a Cuse hat for the many things he does but doesn't want to fuss with what's left of his hair.

If Your Dad Is Retired And Living In Or Near Gainesville

You have to get him this Syracuse vs Florida '31 Vintage Football Poster. Hang that baby up in the TV room and brag to all those Florida fans who come visit that SU won that game 33-12. 

If Your Dad Likes To Read

What, you didn't think I was going to recommend How To Grow An Orange as the perfect Father's Day gift? If he's already got that one, here's a few more quality choices. Syracuse Basketball Vault by Mike Waters, Slices of Orange by Sal Maiorana, Orangemen by Mike Waters, Orangeology Trivia Challenge, Jim Brown: Portrait of an American Hero and of course The Elmira Express by Robert Gallagher.

If Your Dad Likes To Watch Movies/DVDs

I'm guessing he's already extremely-familiar with The Express, but just in case he doesn't already own the DVD/Blu-Ray, that's a requirement. There's also Legends of Syracuse, a collection of highlights from yesteryear. Basketball History in Syracuse: Hoop Roots traces the origins of basketball in the Cuse. And of course, Finally Orange recounts the run to the 2003 National Title.

If Your Dad Plays Golf

There's almost too many things you can get him, including a Cuse golf towel, Otto the Orange club cover, Syracuse putter cover, Syracuse hat clip and ball marker12-pack of Cuse golf balls, a bag of 175 Cuse-themed tees and a Cuse-themed golf set. Get all of that and you're basically ensuring that your Dad and everyone he plays golf with will have Syracuse on the brain all day.

If Your Dad Is A Huge Floyd Little Fan

It's a good time to be a Floyd Little enthusiast and that means there's a lot of opportunities for collectors and fans. How bout a replica SU helmet with 44 on the side? Or a Floyd Little autographed football? Or an autographed photo of Floyd? It might be for the Broncos but you can even get Floyd Little's Tales from the Sidelines.

If Your Dad Is A Coach

Then he's required by law to own Jim Boeheim's Complete Guide To The 2-3 Match-Up Zone. Even if he doesn't coach basketball. He should probably also have something signed by Jim Boeheim while he's at it.

If Your Dad Has A Man-Crush On Doug Marrone

Who doesn't? So he's going to want Doug Marrone's player card from the World League, obviously. And of course he'll need a visor like the one Doug Marrone wears. Finally, I would get him this guide to making your own meat, including bologna. He's going to save a lot of money on victory sandwiches that way.

If Your Dad Enjoys A Good Brew

He's gonna need a beer bottle/can koozie, a bottle opener key ring and a Cuse wine bottle bag for when its time to drink a little classier.

If Your Dad Really Has A Thing For The Syracuse-Hobart Rivalry...

Then he's going to love this Syracuse Orange 2011 Vintage Football Calendar with a replica of the program from 1930's Syracuse vs. Hobart game.

If Your Dad Is A Laxhead

Well he obviously needs his own Syracuse stick and goal. He's also going to need an autographed photo from Coach Desko or a photo autographed by the Gaits. And because he wants to get away from this era of Cuse losing early and get back to a time when we won all the titles, he'll want to watch videos like the 2004 National Title game between Syracuse and Navy.

If Your Dad Is A Landscaper

That piece of sod from the Pinstripe Bowl is still available. Just sayin...