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Brian Bennett Out, Andrea Adelson In As ESPN's Big East Blogger

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If the Big Ten can't have any Big East teams, it's going to take the next best thing...our bloggers.

Some of you caught this late last week, but Brian Bennett drops some news in a post on his ESPN Big East blog, the news being that he's leaving the Big East beat to work for the Big Ten blog. Syracuse fans took a while to warm up to Bennett, but eventually he did seem to come around on the program and its chances for the future. He also became much more familiar with the program through visits, personal visits to watch the Orange in action and coach/player interviews.

So in that sense, we're sad to see him leave. Especially upon hearing the news that his replacement is Andrea Adelson.

That name sound familiar? Probably because Adelson found her way onto the Syracuse Fan S**t List before and during the 2010 football season.

First it was her critical preview of the Syracuse football team in the upcoming season. The Orange were ranked as the next-to-worst BCS school after Washington State and Adelson said it was hard to imagine Syracuse would emerge from the "abyss" it had been living in since 2001.

It's not that her preview was negative, we were used to that. It was that the preview seemed to come from someone who really didn't pay attention to Syracuse in 2009 and realize this was a program on the uptick. She just made assumptions based on what had happened in the past decade.

Oh, and then there was the time Andrea decided not to include the 5-2 Orange in her bowl projections despite the fact that we had just beaten West Virginia (whom she had in the Champ Sports Bowl). That went over well.

We welcome Andrea to the Big East world and hope that she starts paying slightly more attention to the Orange now. We'd appreciate it.