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Ernie Davis' Heisman Trophy Turns 50 In 2011

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This one totally slipped my mind until I was reading the ESPN write-up on Floyd Little.

That Little's return coincides with the 50th anniversary of Davis' Heisman is poetic symmetry. "Surreal," Little called it. Davis meant so much to him.

That's right. Ernie Davis was announced as the winner of the Heisman Trophy on November 28th, 1961. Considering how much DOC Gross loves to honor Ernie and the fact that Floyd Little is back with the University in an official capacity...well, you better believe SU is going to put on quite a show for the 50th Anniversary.

Davis found out he was the winner on November 28th, but he received the trophy during a ceremony on December 6th. Since Syracuse's final game of the season is on the road (Dec. 3rd at Pitt), that makes the November 26th home game against Cincinnati the perfect game to honor the anniversary. Of course, that's already Senior Day so they'll have to get a little fancy. Maybe save the celebration for halftime.

Of course, they could do it anytime they want. That's just the closest game that makes sense. There's a home game prior to that is Homecoming Weekend against USF. The game is scheduled for Friday night in prime time, so perhaps that makes sense in its own way.

Not that anyone's asking my opinion, but if Syracuse was ever saving up for a weekend that features every living great SU running back, this would be the time. I mean, you already know Floyd Little will be on hand. Just imagine if we could also get Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, Joe Morris, Daryl Johnston, Walter Reyes, Curtis Brinkley, Michael Owens, Delone Carter and Rob Konrad back under one Dome for a celebration honoring Ernie? Not to mention the requisite photo of all those greats standing around the Ernie Davis statue?

I mean, if Fandango sold tickets to such things, I'd go to Fandango right now and ask for all of the Fandango tickets.

Plus, as awesome as that would be, imagine if we could get every 2012 football recruit up there to watch this unfold. How could that not seal the deal?

Now, I don't know if that CAN happen...all I know is, it probably should. At the very least, expect there to be about a billion screenings of The Express and readings from The Elmira Express that weekend.

However SU is able to honor Ernie on the 50th Anniversary of his historic Heisman, I'm sure they'll do it big and do it right. Sans Nike logos this time...