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Kneel Before Floyd: "Royalty" Returns To Syracuse

I, for one, welcome our new Floyd Little overlord. At least, that's what it sounds like he is.

"Royalty has come back to Syracuse," Gross said as he introduced the former All-American and NFL Hall of Fame running back, now 68.

From here on out, we will refer to him as Your Highness Floyd Little. Come to think of it, we should have been doing that already.

Floyd Little was officially introduced as the new special assistant to the athletics director for Syracuse Athletics. It's a vague-sounding title, so Floyd took the opportunity to explain exactly what it is he's here to do.

"I want to be that person to help make Syracuse University what it used to be – athletically."

Done. Agreed. Approved. Let's do that.

Basically, Little is going to be an ambassador to the incoming, current and former athletes wearing orange. He talked about how he sat down with Delone Carter before this past season while also talking about meetings with alums like Daryl Johnston and Tom Coughlin, who feel encouraged to give back to the school more now that Floyd is involved.

Read up on the event and Little's contributions here and here. One gets the sense this is a critical move on a few different levels for SU.

Jim Brown is the legend and Ernie Davis is the icon, but Floyd Little has become something of a patron saint for SU. He represents something that UConn and Rutgers can't offer. A rich history of tradition and greatness. With him around, things are just better.

The more he accomplishes in his new role, the more his legend will grow. And the more his legend grows, the more the legend of #44 grows. And the more the legend of #44 grows,'s only a matter of time before Doug & Floyd sits down with a five-star RB recruit, hand him a Syracuse jersey with the number 44 on it and seal the deal.

Welcome back, Floyd.