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Syracuse, Stanford, Oklahoma State & Virginia Tech Are Your Preseason NIT Hosts

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We already knew the Orange would play Stanford at some point in the Preseason NIT. Now we know who they'll play afterward.

According to Jon Rothstein, the four host school will be SU, Stanford, Oklahoma State and Virginia Tech.

From what we remember of the Preseason NIT, the Orange will host two games in the Dome against a couple upstarts. Regardless of the outcome, they will head to MSG to face the Cardinal. Then, depending on who wins and who loses, they'll play either the Cowboys or the Hokies.

Karma dictates that, one way or another, we're going to play VT. It's always fun to give Big East traitor a little what-for. And then there's the whole pilfering Adrian Autry for our own staff thing.

Things look good overall as the Orange are clearly the top team amongst the four. Include the MSG-factor and winning another Preseason NIT sounds like a fine idea. Let's do that.