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Syracuse WR Jarrod West Arrested For Underage Drinking, Guilty Of Hanging Out With Pitt Players

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In Nick's recent profile on Syracuse WR Jarrod West, he said, "expect flashes here and there in 2011 but 2012 is when Jerrod West becomes a Cuse-hold name, write it down." Now, it doesn't sound like West is going to have a choice.

As you may have heard, Pitt QB Anthony Gonzalez was arrested Friday in Bethlehem, PA on a charge of marijuana possession. Gonzalez has also been suspended indefinitely by the Panthers.  But what you may not have heard is that two other people got arrested that night, as well, and one of them was our own Jarrod, a Bethlehem native.

Bethlehem police said Gonzalez and two other men, all 19, were arrested at 12:46 a.m. Friday. Jarrod West, a wide receiver on the Syracuse football team, will be cited for underage drinking and Jamyl Aminu also was arrested on marijuana possession.

I don't know what the greater crime was, drinking while underage or hanging out with a Pittsburgh player. Probably the latter.

And so, now we wait to see where the mighty hammer of Marrone falls. On paper, I feel like Marrone has "stopped discussing players" for less. Either way, don't expect West to be getting too many reps this Fall. Stay tuned.