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Syracuse Can Out-Montage Anyone In The Country

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Anytime that we want to go from just a beginner to a pro, you need a montage. Team America taught us that. And the very finest montages make us into the very best we can possibly be. I'm willing to bet if you did some kind of critical analysis of the top ten college basketball programs over the last decade, you'd find some of the greatest montages ever cut together in an editing bay.

Naturally, Syracuse is among them.

The video montage that was played prior to each home men’s basketball game in the Carrier Dome has been nominated for a 2011 College Sports Media (CSM) Award. The SVG and National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) announced the nominees, which represent dozens of college athletics and academic departments, as well as professional production companies.

If by chance you haven't seen it before, check out SU director of media properties and production Roger Springfield's award-nominated montage in the Promotion or Marketing Campaign category:

The other nominees include:

What It Takes - University of Miami

SIU Football Introduction - SIU

Knightmare - UCF

Future of College Athletics - Mountain West

Timeless - Michigan

Gotta be between us and the Michigan video. The SIU and UCF videos are way too Circa 2002 Rock and the Miami one's too mellow. Ours and the UM one are the only ones that have that chill factor I have to imagine is necessary for a college sports intro montage. But what do I know...

Winners will be announced at the Awards on June 7th-8th.

H/T: Inside The Loud House