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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician: The Audio Proof

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What an absolutely magical gift that was waiting in my inbox for me when I got back this week.

As you might imagine, I get asked about the name of the site on a regular basis. What does it mean? Who is Troy Nunes? Sometimes I'm asked what it means and that same person refers to me as Troy.

It's all very confusing, I know. I told the story in my very first post, but had never been able to find the magical clip to confirm it. In a way, I became nervous about finding it. What if it turns out that phrase was never actually uttered? What if I got it wrong and the person actually called him an affluent pediatrician? How much better could this site have been had it been called Troy Nunes Is An Affluent Pediatrician? We may never know. Or perhaps I'll just do it anyway.

Well, waiting for me in my inbox from a mystery e-mailer last night was the proof. The actual clip from the end of regulation in the 2002 meeting between Syracuse and Auburn. The quality is rough and the sound is low, but it confirms everything we've all hoped. Listen in and especially focus in on the :31 mark and shortly-thereafter.

Validation! Of course, it's not 100% as the color commentator doesn't say "Troy Nunes," he just says Nunes. Still, I'd rather that be the difference than the other part. You can listen to the specific portion in question here.

And so, there it is. A piece of America not unlike the original American flag or the Declaration of Independence, this piece of history can now live on and be cherished for all of time.