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TNIAAM Festival Of Fun 2011 Tonight At Faegan's

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Believe it or not, a week passed and I was allowed to instruct tomorrow's bloggers without incident, revolt or firing. It's a massive upset. And so, after many boring lectures, many late nights assigning grades to blog posts, and so many room service meals that I'm on the first-name basis with the Sheraton staff,  it's time to celebrate.

Where: Faegan's. You've heard of it.

When: 8pm to ???

How: By walking, driving, taking a bus or flying in if you live in another city. No Segways.

What Should I Bring: A voracious appetite for banter and discourse.

Do I Have To Drink Cherry Wheat?: You may drink anything you like. As long as it's not a beer that buys a lot of advertising during the Super Bowl.

Will You Sign My Child?: Yes. I'll also sign HTGAO or Orange Tip-Off if you've got it. And I won't even charge...for 30 days.

How Will I Find You?: Look for this schlub.

Do We Have To Talk Syracuse The Whole Time?: Yes.