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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man — #90 Cayden Feifer

Google says that this is Cayden.  You're on your own if it isn't.  via <a href=""></a>
Google says that this is Cayden. You're on your own if it isn't. via

In the eighth installment of our "Get to Know Your Orange Man" series, we take a look at junior walk-on wide receiver Cayden Feifer, a man of mystery and intrigue.  Exciting!

PLAYER: Cayden Feifer


POSITION: Wide Receiver and Outside Hitter (For serious.)

YEAR: Junior

HEIGHT: 5'11"


HOMETOWN: Culver City, CA (That's where "Wheel of Fortune" is taped!)

HIGH SCHOOL: Culver City (Duh!)

2010 STATS: Doesn't have any.  He made the squad as a walk-on prior to 2011 Spring practice.  If someone could check his NCAA College Football '12 rating, we'll stick it here instead.

2011 PROJECTIONS: He's on the post-spring depth chart, boys and girls.  He's holding down the fifth position at the "Z" receiver spot behind Van Chew, Alec Lemon, Dorian Graham, and Jeremiah Kobena.  Considering the fact that during his senior year in high school he only hauled in 13 catches for 88 yards, Syracuse could be in a steaming pile of monkey poo if Nathaniel Hackett turns to Feifer for glory.

All he needs to do is work hard on the scout team and give the Syracuse defense a hard time out on the practice field.  That's all anyone can ask for.

HOW'D HE GET HERE: I did a lot of in-depth research to figure this out.  I called his relatives.  I checked his credit report.  I did some mild mail tampering.

Just kidding.  I just watched this video.

As it turns out, Feifer was just a regular cat, studying at Newhouse and majoring in Broadcast Journalism.  He apparently decided to try football again after not playing since high school.  He busted his rear-end and made the team.

So, he made Syracuse's squad just like everyone else that makes a roster at a BCS-level football program:  by getting sick of listening to Professor Robert Thompson blather on about everything and nothing at the same time and deciding to take blows to the head on a daily basis as an alternative.

WHAT DID SCOUT/RIVALS SAY?: Nothing.  It's not surprising, though.  Those services aren't exactly in the business of ranking the future Len Bermans of the world.

MONEY QUOTE: This is a beauty from NewsHouse:

About Me: 

Cayden Feifer enjoys long walks on the beach, attending the occasional polo match, and eating tuna with his eleven cats.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

LINKS OF WONDER: Ahem, that's Assemblyman Feifer to you, son:

Posted below are the results on this year's delegate role assignments (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) for the 60th Model Legislature & Court. Sophomores are not included in this distribution, as they are all assigned to the Forum program.

The roles were selected using the following distribution process: 3rd year seniors, 2nd year seniors, 2nd year juniors, 1st year seniors, 1st year juniors, in addition to your "Dream Sheet" application. All ties were decided based on participation and attendance. Every effort was made to be as fair as possible in our selections. Remember that even if you didn't get your first choice, each role is fun and rewarding. As we have said many times before, this program is what you make of it, so make it great!

* * * * *

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WHAT DOES MARRONE THINK?: That's none of your damn business, thank you very much. 

There isn't too much kicking around about Feifer that emanates from Marrone's mouth, but it is telling that Lyons left Feifer off of his post-spring wide receiver grade report.

INTERESTING NUGGET O' INTEREST: You've heard about track stars making the move over to football, right?  Well, Feifer is going in a different direction from the hardwood volleyball court to getting crushed by a free safety hell-bent on removing his head from his body.

You see, Feifer is a bit of a volleyball cat.  He was on the Syracuse men's club volleyball roster for at least the 2010-2011 season.  At only 5' 11", he was kind of short for an outside hitter, but he managed to get the job done at the club level.  (This is an assumption.  I have no idea what his actual stats were.)

Syracuse finished their season at 8-10 in the Division I North region of the Eastern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association.  So, congratulations?  I have no idea whether that is a good or terrible mark.

HIGH SCHOOL HIGHLIGHTS:  Again, 13 catches for 88 yards in his senior season.  That isn't exactly going to light up YouTube.

Instead, here's some men's volleyball highlights from the team's game against Army last spring: