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Syracuse No. 1 In Lacrosse Polls. Once Again.

via SU Athletics
via SU Athletics

When you beat the formerly-undefeated No. 1 team in the nation, have a 3-1 record against every team in the Top 5 (beside yourself) and hold the No. 1 ranking in the RPI, you probably deserve to be ranked No. 1. And so Syracuse is.

The top five teams in the Nike/Inside Lacrosse Media Poll remain the same for Week 11 but the Orange jump from No. 4 to No. 1. Cornell stays a No. 2, the Irish fall to No. 3, Hopkins slides down to No. 4 and sneaky Denver sits at No. 5.

The Orange received 13 first-place votes (good) while Cornell received 2 (understandable) and Johns Hopkins received 1 (ridiculous). Are we sure Johns Hopkins University doesn't just have their own media poll vote?

The top four completely reversed order in the USILA Coaches Poll. The Orange jump from No. 4 to No. 1, Cornell is No. 2, Hopkins is No. 3 and Notre Dame falls to No. 4 while Maryland is your No. 5 here.

The first-place voting was a little closer in this one with six votes going to the Orange, three to the Big Red and two to the Blue Jays. Fech.

Quint also puts the Orange back up top at No. 1.

Villanova remained No. 9/No. 10 in the polls, giving the conference three Top Ten teams heading into the final week.

The Orange can end the season ranked No. 1 and likely wrap up the 1-seed in the NCAA Tournament when they play St. John's on Saturday in the Dome.

Big East Standings

No. 1 Syracuse (13-1, 5-0)

No. 3 Notre Dame (10-1, 5-1)

No. 9 Villanova (10-3, 3-2)

Georgetown (6-7, 2-3)

St. John's (4-9, 2-3)

Rutgers (5-9, 0-5)

Providence (3-11, 0-5)