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2011 NFL Draft: Syracuse Cheers And Jeers

The 2011 NFL Draft came and went. Some of the things that happened for Syracuse fans was good. Some of it was less than good. Sometimes you cheered. Sometimes you jeered (you love to jeer). Let's find out when you did one or the other.

CHEERS for Delone Carter, selected by the Indianapolis Colts. DC3 will now be DC...something else as he heads somewhat closer to his home (Akron, OH). You might not think it's a good spot for Delone, given who's already there, but it might end up being a great spot. Addai's days are numbered in Indy and Carter has a great chance to see significant carries over the next 1-3 years. The Colts have had issues in shortdown situations on 3rd and 4th downs. Expect that to be Carter's domain at first.

CHEERS for Doug Hogue, selected by the Detroit Lions. Being picked by the Lions in 2011 means something a lot different than being picked by the Lions in 2007. They're a team on the rise (hopefully) and Hogue has a chance to be a part of that. He's probably only going to make an impact on special teams next season but that's fine. I don't think anyone expected him to jump in and start in the NFL right away. If he's given the right training and develops on schedule, he's got a great chance ahead of him.

JEERS for Every NFL Team for not drafting Ryan Bartholomew, Derrell Smith, Mike Holmes or Rob Long. Sure, we knew that it was an extreme longshot for most of those guys to get drafted. Still, getting one more Orange on the board would have been nice. Barty is the one that stands out. After his big combine numbers, so many folks called him a shoo-in for the draft. Makes you realize that while those combine numbers are important, knowing how to snap in the shotgun formation matters just a little more.

JEERS for the Lockout. Which means that Barty, Smith, Holmes, Long and the rest of the un-drafted SU seniors will have to sit and wait indefinitely to find out their free agent fates. Normally, they'd probably know by now where they were going camping. Now? They're just hoping there is such thing as mini-camp in 2011.

CHEERS to Syracuse, who had multiple players drafted for the third straight year. That hadn't happened since '02-'04.

JEERS to the Seattle Seahawks, who didn't draft a QB, ensuring that my days spent listening to local sports radio will remain unbearable for the indeterminable future.

CHEERS to the Colts, who officially have more Syracuse players on their roster now than any other team. Delone joins Dwight Freeney and Taj Smith.

JEERS to the Giants, Jets & Bills for not drafting any Syracuse players. Way to keep it in the family, you guys.

CHEERS to the Colts for drafting their 11th Syracuse player all-time.

CHEERS also to the Lions for drafting their 3rd Syracuse player all-time, going all the way back to 1953.