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Who Do You Want to Play in the BE/SEC Challenge?

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EDIT: Well according to Jeff Goodman from CBS, it's Florida...again.

With the looming announcement of the line-up for the annual Big East-SEC Challenge this basketball season, many Syracuse fans wanted a shot at Kentucky and John Calipari's merry band of one-and-done freshman. Unfortunately for them, today, the New York Post announced the UK will be playing St. John's at home in the challenge.

During our only year in the challenge, 2009, we played a "neutral" game at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL against the Florida Gators, and defeated them 85-73.

This year, the challenge is changing from a four game to a twelve game set over three days, which means all but four Big East teams will be featured. So the question is, who do we want to play this year?

Alabama - This would be a chance to get revenge for our Sweet 16 exit in 2004, where the Tide defeated Syracuse 80-71.

Auburn - This would be a nice way to get out that Cam Newton NCAA-related angst. Plus, there's a chance we'd have to hear Charles Barkley defend his squad. Also, they're not very good.

Florida - It seems like we play them every year. Might as well keep that streak going.

Georgia - Syracuse played a classic OT-thriller during the 1996 NCAA Finals run. During this Sweet 16 game, John Wallace led Syracuse with 30 points and 15 rebounds in 35 minutes, and Syracuse beat the bulldogs 83-81. Syracuse also defeated Mississippi State that year, in the national semifinal.

Tennessee - TOBIAS!

Arkansas - Another chance at NCAA Tournament revenge. 'Cuse lost to Arkansas in the second round of the 1995 tournament 96-94.