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Syracuse Spring Football: Report Card — Tight Ends

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Where Syracuse has a lot of depth at receiver, that is not really the case at the tight end position.  However, what the unit lacks in depth, it makes up for in some decent talent.

The Grades:

Nick Provo: (A-) Provo is about as steady as they come.  He's a big target for the quarterback, he catches just about every ball thrown his way, and he blocks well; he is really the consummate solid tight end.  The only knock on him thus far in his career is that he's been injury prone, which is obviously not his fault.  If he stays healthy, he's going to catch a lot of passes and should have a really productive year.

Louie Addazio: (Inc.) Addazio looks the part, but he unfortunately had recent surgery which prevented him from taking part in contact drills during the spring.  He's a big tight end who can catch well and from all accounts is very blocking oriented, so he should fit in well once healthy.  It is unclear how much he'll play as a true freshman.

David Stevens: (B) Stevens had a rough start to the spring, as he was really inconsistent in catching the football.  However, after the short-term departure of Beckett Wales, Stevens really stepped it up.  He began catching the ball much better, and has some decent speed for a tight end.  He's not very big, and is not our best blocker at the position, but at 6'3" he's another solid tall target for Ryan Nassib and the rest of the quarterbacks.

Beckett Wales: (Inc.) Wales did not participate in spring practice, so I cannot grade him here.  He did get good playing time as a back-up tight end last season, and it will be interesting to see how things shake out, especially with Stevens looking better towards the end of the spring.  I expect that Wales will find his way on to the field in some capacity.

Overall Grade: (B) Nick Provo is obviously the focus of this position, but Stevens looked good this spring and we've seen what Wales can do on the field.  Depth is a bit of a concern right now, but in terms of pure talent and skill, our tight ends are just fine.